Nicky’s Diner (food, fun, and the fifties in Bangor Maine)

 FSCN0167      You may have passed by Nicky’s Diner from time to time, but if you haven’t participated in the celebration that happens inside you’re missing out on great home cooked meals, a terrific atmosphere (complete with nostalgia surrounding you at every angle), and a Wednesday night recurring event that’ll knock your bobby socks off in the form of hot cars from the good old days when cars were cars. These muscle-bound pieces of machinery adorn the parking lot with their handsome looks as well as some of the best auto banter you’ll find this side of any car show. An old tradition that started a long time ago and has been kept alive ever since. And don’t forget to enter the lottery outside, you may win yourself something good.

       We visited Nicky’s for breakfast one fine Sunday morning and found them to serve a heavenly bliss of breakfast bodaciousness. Their omelets overflow with your endless choice of filling from cheese to mushrooms to ham and beyond. Try their titanic size pancakes (blueberry please!) and see if you can finish them. They rock your plate at dinner time as well with a delightful array of sandwiches and burgers (and just about anything else) with crunchy fries and a seriously delicious potato salad you have to try. Come hungry! Leave happy! The service is dynamic, just the way it ought to be, blessed with politeness and a smile. Head on out and have yourself a tummy full! Oh, and bring your camera on Wednesday, your dream car may be waiting!

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