“Chew on this” (the fast food wars)

  fast food     Do you eat fast food all the time? Then it’s a good thing you’re reading this article, and it’s also a good thing you’re not writing it either. My wife and I hardly ever eat at these rapid fire paced establishments. That’s why we’re very healthy (that and we like to walk a lot. It’s good for the soul).  However, since this ever-present world does participate in this ring around the stomach, I’d like to tell you the truth about what we’ve found out about fast food. No this is not another scare your teeth out of your head write up, there’s more to it than that…much more. My wife and I could count on one hand how many times per year we eat fast food. Therefore making us very good candidates for this little observation (our taste buds have not been jaded or destroyed). We visited four of the most popular fast food joints around in accordance with the restaurants themselves. Our findings may surprise you (now your teeth may fall out). The first on the list was the titan of the fast food arena, McDonald’s. The place is pretty clean, the food is most definitely fast, and if you haven’t gone anywhere else yet the food appears to be edible. But the burgers are thin, and the fries are mushy inside. And the stupid matchbook size fries you get now with the happy meal has got to go (what kid is going to eat that pre-packaged fruit that comes with it? Are those apple slices? Only God knows). So the food is alright, but the prices are too high for what you get. Next was Burger King. Now, we are super glad they got rid of that creepy plastic king from the commercials who scared the adults as much as the children. The servers were very nice and so were the managers. The food is a step up from McDonald’s. The burgers are more flavorful, the fries are crunchy and not mushy. They also haven’t caved into political pressure to invade their meals like the previous place who buckled to the fruit bits laced with chemicals to prevent them from browning. Arby’s was next on the list. We don’t remember the last time, if ever, that we stepped into an Arby’s but it was a joy to see real food on the menu. Their specialty sandwiches are just that. You feel like you’re in a deli. Try the curly fries and that amazing roast beef sandwich. You’ll be glad you did. This place made me want to eat there again. Good old Wendy’s has always been a contender with juicy burgers and the like. They most definitely are better than McDonald’s and Burger King.  So after careful comparison, my wife and I decided that the winner is…Arby’s for having the best food and a knock out desert (ice cream and Oreos). Wendy’s comes in second (the best if you’re looking for burgers). Leaving Burger King always a reliable place if you can’t find anything else. And lastly McDonald’s with thinny thin burgers, too salty fries, and an unimpressive dessert. So, now that my wife and I have fulfilled our fast food intake for the year be forewarned, try not to eat too much fast food, but if you must…don’t be fooled by commercialism or popularity. Instead chew on this…

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