Computerworx (service and smarts in Bangor Maine)

       computerworxThere is a certain inconsistency in the marketplace today. Apparently the art of service has rapidly declined. Just walk into most retail stores and try to locate sales help, or at least one that will admit it’s their department. We have been spoon fed self-service and online ordering, both at times confusing and isolating. That is why Computerworx stands out in stone carved upon the mountain of customer appreciation. Personal attention to you and your computer needs in meticulous fashion are the soup of the day. The technicians and sales staff listen to what you have to say and resolve the matter with diligence and the overall well-being of your machine. They can order parts, do repairs, and come up with answers to your questions. The computer I had brought in was an older one, running slowly, and in need of some upgrading. It was returned to me in better running order, diagnosed and resolved. Just what the doctor…er…technician ordered. In a world where we can’t entirely flee from technology, it is a true boon to have a place of refuge in the midst of a technological storm. They also deal with commercial IT work, networks, and security systems with an expanding staff and hopes to move to a larger storefront. They offer courtesy, advice, and a flair for listening. Computer needs the way it should be without too much techno talk.

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