“The Producers” (Mel Brooks, funny money, a crook, and a neurotic)

      producers You have to continue the ever rolling laugh meter on this one. Apparently it has never settled down since the release of this comedic house of cards. It has however created a landslide effect on the belly ache statistics throughout its time. Mel Brooks has deposited his share of guffaws, giggles, and goo goos into the hearts of everyone he’s touched with his masterful absurdities and quite obvious humor (most times it’s the best kind of humor). And the laugh machine prevails…

       This milestone movie has placed its stone on the pillar of comedy history forever. The crooked delivery Zero Mostel casts upon the screen plays out the more than stereotypical thief in the night con man times a thousand, alongside the disquieting panicking neurotic Gene Wilder and his innocent demeanor.

       Hoping to flop big time and bumble their way into the big bucks, the numbers just don’t line up according to their badly thought out plan. Their wishful disaster of a play takes off like a rocket, igniting the crowd to adore their Broadway buffoonery, “Springtime for Hitler”. Who knew? This places our embezzling friends in quite the kerfuffle, landing our money jugglers in the big house, the slammer, the clink, well…you know what I mean. It’s got it all…now in a blue ray and DVD combo pack collectors edition. Laugh up!

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