scan    When the genre of christian rock opens wide, the circle is not broken, it merely shines its light upon talent that somehow stands alone…or at least up front. And as in any area of aptitude the frontrunners pave the way for the word of their testimony.

       This amazing unit of merry musicians shed their unconditional light not only on Christ and Him crucified but on the realm of musicianship that renders musical notation soaring on the wings of eagles. The bands undisputed energy and heart is reflected throughout their self titled CD, SKYWATCH in many varied forms, from the nimble fingered instrumentation to the mighty mid range vocals that dance with a dalliance of tenderness and power, complementing their most profound lyrical content. Their scope ranges from the delicate to the rumbling of the skies and they sound even better live. Praising our Lord with volume or tears both work in concert with each other in an ever tantalizing move of success.

       The quality is as sharp as a Ginsu knife and their ability to abide on stage with each other is ever so prevalent. I wholeheartedly seek out bands who don’t sound like the other ten thousand in the industry, and this is one of them. SKYWATCH can rock the foundations or place the palm of their hand upon your heart and move your spirit closer to God…and after all, isn’t that what the genre is all about?

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