Downeast Scenic Railroad (Ellsworth Maine)

downeast scenic rr      As time goes by, many things change. Many times we would very much liked to hold onto those moments forever…or at least just a little bit longer than is allowed. The Downeast Scenic Railroad in Ellsworth Maine has held one of those points in time and made it stand still…or at least till the train starts rolling. Rebuilt, refurbished old-time train coaches carry its passengers along a ten-mile stretch from Ellsworth Maine to the Calais branch line, through Ellsworth Falls and onto Washington Junction.

The woodsy outdoors on the road (or track) less travelled features areas where gathered waters form ponds, bogs, and marshes. Some creatures may be seen depending more or less on the weather and time of day.

The history piped in over the speakers within the confines of the old train cars tell us the stories of much of the formulated encounters that many of our nations past leaders have accomplished.

The vintage train pulled ever so mightily by its 1948 diesel engine tentatively rumbles past towns, woods, and the great outdoors of Maine showing its beauty.

Ride the rails upon the shoulders of this historic engine and take a walk on the open outdoor car to get even closer to the great outdoors.

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