(Jack Klugman is) Quincy,M.E (season five)

     quincy  A coroner gone almost rogue as a crime scene investigator once again releases his inner detective in Quincy season five. A well acted and medically accurate depiction of crime solving at its best. With the help of his associates, Quincy manages to squeeze out the truth at the heart of any matter, and when he can’t he just squeezes harder. The police are at his side and often butt heads with his theories. But persistence pays off and the bad boys get caught. This season deals with marijuana laced with lethal poison causing the terrible deaths of several young people, an evangelist murdered in a most unholy fashion, a life taken at ones own hand accidentally labeled a murder, an abusive family going too far, drunk driving and it horrible hazards, and tainted food that may take the life of countless innocent people. Once again our favorite coroner won’t allow justice to remain quiet in the shadows. An amazing seventies classic!

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