Liberace: The ultimate entertainer

   liberace    Entertainment has taken many forms in our worlds history. Many have been enchanted by dancing, music, and moving actors performances. Such style has always been in the repertoire of Liberace. With his ever-present candelabra on his gleaming piano, this flamboyant dresser has captured the attention of countless people throughout the age of talent. Held to no bounds in his musical choices, he has covered an unbelievable circle of music from the classical, to musicals, and well-known ditties just for fun. His style was more than unique, he mastered the keyboard, dazzled the crowds with his exasperating outfits, even asked the audience what they thought of his clothes, and joked repeatedly about his brother George.  An entertainer…yes, but so much more in the form of an art almost lost to the modern world. Liberace has encompassed his musical endeavors with anything and everything we’ve ever wanted all in one show.

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