Kirk Cameron presents: Monumental (in search of America’s national treasure)

    monumental   From the days of our greatest ventures came some of our greatest leaders. All throughout history there have always been those who would impose their will upon man with serious consequences for active rebellion. Within the last few hundred years there have risen heroes who sincerely believed they would think another way…God’s way. And they have given their all for this righteous cause. Many lost freedom, families, and even their lives to be liberated from the oppressive tactics that the powers that be would attempt to circumvent this God themed thought and grant themselves sovereignty as a self standing monarchy. The history of our country is now under a most similar if not far worse tyranny.

       The new weapons of war are designed to deny that these brave men and women ever truly held this higher cause for the reasons originally intended. This time the very laws, patterns for living, and God-given rights are not only in question, but are being eradicated before our eyes. Wording, intentions, and thinking are being altered from the historical accounts in our nations history. It is an attack upon us all. And this monumental look into this ideology unfolds the truth behind the plan to decimate God as its epicenter with factual information, interviews, and God’s own words.

       Kirk Cameron presents a more than compelling dialogue as to what has happened and where we are heading with devastating results looming before us as a nation. The inevitable stands out at the precipice of our future with a simple question…do you recognize your own country today? Teach your children what you know to be the truth from God’s very words in the only compass that gives a true direction, the Bible. Without it, the alternative will be a man-made corrupted philosophy riddled with his own ideals and deceitful intentions. Stand with the monumental message and search for yourself and see where your treasure truly lies.

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