“Dale Overlock” meet me here (CD)

    dale overlock   There’s a lot of music out there today. And every so often an artist comes along and breaks away from all of the fluff and superficial worldly bright lights illuminating what will soon turn to dust. This album creates an atmosphere of deep hearted driven songs with a profound story to tell. It’s bursting with Godly lyrics of strength and truth reverencing the Lord. The guitar becomes ever so prominent either in acoustic or electric form with both power and tenderness caressing our spirits with melodic overtones. In a musical world where guitar is king, it’s nice to see it come to life in the Christian genre. The vocals range between raw and delicate depositing an entire realm of tunes with a kick and sweetness waiting in the wings. Music is the obvious tool of God’s love and peace here. Take a listen and see that Christian rock can move…musically and spiritually.


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