“The Way of the Wise” Dr. Kevin Leman (simple truths for living well)

  way of the wise     The age-old questions…why are we here? What is my reason for being? Why does this planet spin day after day with me on it? Well, it seems there is a reason, and this wise little book of wisdom wants to give you some very solid foundations for those reasons. As challenging and sometimes uncertain as the days of our lives can be, God makes His presence known to us in many different places. And they are not a secret. But you do have to look for Him. Don’t wait for Him, He’s waiting for you, you know…free will and all that. Even King Solomon knew he could not possibly hold together the great responsibility of managing a kingdom wisely without God at the helm. And how pleased our heavenly Father was when Solomon asked for wisdom above all else in his quest for proper and just ruling. You see, it had been the king’s heart that had been right with God to ask for such a thing. This little book of good knowledge, through biblical principles releases hope, courage, and inspiration that will guide your way in the dark places we may tread. But be of good cheer, you are not alone. God wants to reach out to you, just meet Him halfway. God will use the strangest methods to get our attention. It could be through television, a person we don’t even know or believe could ever give us anything useful, and even a book. Through humor, a fresh perspective, and straightforward honest Christian matters of the heart, you can choose the way of the wise. Remember live well with God, and your life will be richer for it. And no matter how long it takes, God is patient, but for heaven’s sake…start looking!

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