“The Psychopath Test” Jon Ronson (one little, two little, three little psychos)

      psycho test Deep within the chasm of light and shadow lies an unchosen few who have cleared a pathway, cleaving their way through their megalomania biogenic thinking, trespassing beyond the mental tundra of another persons life-force which now teeters upon the very neurosis of madmen on the loose. Yet another somnabulistic journey unleashed upon the world through memory traces, deeming these people who walk amongst the masses are purporting an ungodly will because of their neuronic psychological misfiring. Jon Ronson learns the disturbing secrets of the disturbed mind, and graciously returns the favor by unlocking the door to leap with reckless abandon into obsession, redefining the very invitation to delve into the superego of serial killers, unemphatic business hounds of hell, and those locked away from society believed to be insane who have spirits within and without pleading for the very sympathy they themselves find ever so elusive, gasping somewhere in their own soul. When the dark matter that lingers between truth and lies is blinded by incoherent aggression, then the broken genius with all of his rationale can differentiate for us that the lies are now truth, and the truth is a lie. This is the test… an unpleasant sojourn casting darkness upon the waters harboring dark and troublesome things that live right next door. Just ask any serial killer…

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