Zumba Fitness Dance Party (CD)

     zumba  Do you remember a kids show long ago called Zoom? (You’ve got to zoom zoom zoom by zoom). Well, I suppose they were ahead of their time with their enthusiastic dance moves bopping to the Zoom theme song. And now we’ve got the new revue bouncing over the horizon. It’s a new way to dance your way to a cardio fit you by way of rigorous manuevers to music. This is not for the tired (though you may be when you’re done), instead you can move yourself through a training day you’ll never forget. It’s become a pound shedding party that everyone can participate in. Many are finding a live class to Zumba up in (zumba.com), but now you can Zumba up, out, and all around at you own convenience with this CD of the best of Zumba (I’m starting to like saying that word) and you can control the volume. Yeah, you might scare the neighbors a little…but they may see the results and want in. So Zumba yourself…

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