The Geneva Bible 1599 (a lost treasure revived)

       BibleThis almost lost translation of the Geneva Bible originally used in 1599, has undergone a rediscovery and resurgence as one of the foremost read contenders of the Word of God in a great span of time of its long-standing history. Noticeably rendering much of its early linguistical wording as one of the more accurately depicted translations now placed back into circulation with a new understanding in todays world. This revolutionary text offers notes to the modern reader that will help and guide you through the Bible. It will also fully explain its historical impact and the true intention of the Creators Holy Word. Along with spiritual learning to place you into the books of the Bible with a firm foundation, with trustworthy and dependable terminology, skillfully and methodically explained in its truest context with study guides at its side. With the epic Bible series flooding the airwaves on the History Channel with monolithic results, we can now look towards this wonderful tool of the undisputable Word of God as a strong asset to our spiritual journey with confidence in its message.  Read God’s Word as never before as we celebrate the passion of our Lord Jesus who suffered greatly, died, and rose again to give us new life in Him.


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