“Captain & Tennille (ICON)


       It was more than love that kept these two together. It was a combination of love and a repertoire of catchy little ditties that flooded the airwaves in their day. After so long these dandy tunes still make us look up and say “I remember that song”. And well they should. This collection grants us a memorable moment in time where the pleasing power of those perfectly put together combinations of notes, words, and voice bring us to a time when swooning us with fun and singing along was the goal, with great success. From “Love Will Keep Us Together” to “Muskrat Love” we have been provided us with bounce and sincerity. The same can be drawn from “Shop Around” to “Do That To Me One More Time” in similar fashion. Wait ’till you hear their version of The Turtles “Happy Together”, subtitled “A Fantasy”, swinging into an instrumental interlude most unlike your typical pop couple. Never forgotten, now we’ll get the chance for Captain and Tennille to do it to us one more time…

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