“Kevin Sorbo, True Strength (part two) (the love story)

    sorbo   I had it in my heart to complete this story as I progressed in the book. I wanted to impress in the first part just how much of a struggle Kevin had upon his shoulders when going it alone. And yet, when placing submission to God and realizing his human frailty, he saw more clearly that it was the trust he would place in God and the love of a steadfast woman who had not abandoned him in the midst of not only a near tragedy, but the continuing story of his recovery, with love in all its fullness presiding during his healing process with a heart of true strength found within the spirit of a wonderful woman who saw beyond the illness and into the profundity of a human soul lost in the doldrums of a living nightmare in which he could not awake. He was not a god himself, yet the industry, aside from those who truly cared, would eat him and his worth to the screen alive. Not until his fragility had been recognized did Kevin see that to need help was not a shame but a birth to his need of others and never-ending relationships, especially the love of his life. It is a difficult thing to admit when you have always been strong and independent, but there are times when to be humbled is a frightening experience…but with great rewards, to find in your life those who stand with you unyielding regardless of the price to be paid. I myself have been given the privilege of knowing love on a deeper level, the gift only God can give…a woman who loves as sublimely as the soul can seek with far-reaching aspects of love only discovered within this realm…for it is this kind of love that truly is true strength.

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