“Frank Zappa” Finer Moments (moments of madness and ingenuity)

       zappaWhat we have here awaiting our attention in this double CD is a portal to another dimension…or maybe it’s just a typical razmataz of Zappa clashing, involving vibrant sounds spiraling all the way down to the ridiculous as a trademark of this musical manipulator, never skimping on accents and details. Vocals seemingly take a back seat this time around, concentrating more on massive instrumental ingenuity with anecdotal sidebars to guide us through with his therapeutic tutorials. The mastery and wizardry of his guitar playing has never eluded our expectations…merely exceeded them. Some “Mothers of Invention” material made its way onto the album, tilting its veritable head our way with big brother Frank orchestrating the path of most resistance to implore the full throttle of this grand over pretentious ensemble, always with a humble presentation of his musical onslaught to the human ear (and perhaps some assorted animals as well). Cheap debauchery in thought, and generous portions of talent in a never-ending presence, interpolating in a most overwhelming facade of oncoming surprises is what you get when encountering Frank Zappa under any condition. And even though the album is called “Finer Moments”, they have all been unique. I remember seeing Zappa in concert for the “Crush all Boxes” album, and personally clocking him at an amazing three and a half-minute unrelenting guitar solo as one of his finer moments. Sometimes bordering (and dare I say overboarding) on a fine line between genius and looney, the rendering is never boring. Lend an ear (well…it’d be better with both of them) to “Uncle Rhebus” and experience the magnitude of a finer moment for yourself.

One thought on ““Frank Zappa” Finer Moments (moments of madness and ingenuity)

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