“Kevin Sorbo,True Strength” (the journey from fictional hero to true hero)

       sorboDealing with an unknown enemy is even worse than facing your giant face to face. And in the life of Kevin Sorbo, his monsters as an actor have always been before him with the ability to see precisely how to determine his tactics and mode of combat. However, an invisible nemesis in real life obscures the fantasy world of Hercules and brings the limitations a physical attack onto the human body much too close to home…especially in the brain. The sudden unknown infiltration seeping into the life of a man who has the height and breadth of a champion brought low in an instant is not by any means something that can be easily accepted. When your day consists of rigorous work hours, heavy excercise, and little sleep on a continuing basis, and able to carry through in that fashion without a problem for what seems to be an endless time-table without bounds, poses no threat. In fact it only enhances the momentum. Of course, the human body, an advanced and incredulous piece of creation may begin to think differently when overtaxed or challenged beyond its limits…and in turn demands to be heard. The grim interruption in Kevin’s life altered all he knew. A strong man in real life, energetic, and driven could not accept the conflict occurring within his well-trained self. But human flesh will determine the outcome and not always our will. This massive monolith of health and strength has found himself forced to bend to what his body was screaming out loud to him, demanding the high speed acceleration that was his schedule to come to a screeching halt. Although deep within himself, Kevin fought all the way in his mind as to why, when will it be over, and the greatest challenge of all, the patience to endure healing for an impatient man awaiting results. Three strokes at an early age would have devastated other people in his state, but for some reason he was ahead of the game…in some respects. Facing weakness, depression, and loss of hope, Kevin’s determination to overcome his affliction had intensified. He wanted to work, longed to excercise, and end the persistent humming at the base of his head. A strong man at his weakest time had brought him closer to his deeper self, and the realization that his life had a calling to help others who had no voice trapped in this terrible place. His outreach brings him to a place where a fictional hero becomes a real life hero. A story needed to be heard and appreciated in the overcoming of overwhelming odds and winning the war.

4 thoughts on ““Kevin Sorbo,True Strength” (the journey from fictional hero to true hero)

  1. denice davis

    good morning to you thanks & we all love all of dvd & all the books & the tv show thank you have a great day see you on tv

  2. Janie

    Excellent review of Kevin Sorbo’s “True Strength” book, but don’t forget to mention it is also a love story! Kevin’s lady, Sam, stood by him and if you get a chance to hear the audio book, her words may make you cry! Loved all media forms of this book, I highly recommend it!

  3. Chris

    It was an excellent book and I truly believe in the love story part….because I have always believed that when you love someone ….you are there for them no matter what happens…sickness, and strength….good times and bad….that is what loving someone is all about.


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