“A Haunting” (the 2012 season)

      haunting When madness takes its toll in an inconceivable supernatural situation that tests the parameters of the human mind, then the daunting tales told here have opened the door to a dimension in which you may fall prey without the weapons needed to shatter evil at its helm. These battles are not carnal, but spiritual. And without an inherent knowledge of how to bridge the chasm that causes good and evil to clash in the most vicious of manner, your command of such an occurrence falls more than short…pehaps much worse than you could imagine. The inexplicable mysteries in these tales of preternatural terror are far beyond those of earthly accounts, for they are dominated by a blackened force enraged with the human race. Demonic activity, possession, and spiritual confrontation inhabits homes, territories, and souls, encapsulating them in the bounds of unimaginable fear. Combatting Satan and his cohorts calls for God, His legions of angels, and the mighty name of Jesus, to whom every knee shall bow, including the dark fallen angel and his minions without exception.  Countless stories pertaining to such events have been documented, many of them captured in this sinister collection of surreptitious accounts that will leave you desperately searching for your faith if it appears to be lacking.

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