Five Guys Burgers and Fries (in Bangor Maine)

      FSCN5327 My wife and I were fortunate indeed to have been cordially invited to a limited pre-opening event at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Bangor Maine, where freshness, politeness, and most definitely the way burgers and fries should be presented to the public at large. Not only are the representative color schemes bright and cheerful (red and white), but the grin increases as you chew. They make their burgers fresh everyday (nothing frozen), and that uneven look to each one gives everyone their very own unique patty, never imitated nor duplicated, but always beyond delicious. This is the way this food should be and there is no disappointment here. When we enter the realm of the fry, we become entranced by the fact that the outside is crunchy and the interior is as fluffy as mashed potatoes, fulfilling both sides of the spud spectrum. These “Guys” are more than happy to make you satisfied. And believe me, you won’t leave hungry, the portions are gallantly generous. These meisterburgers of burgers also have amazingly prepared kosher hot dogs making them doubly blessed, giving new meaning to the wonderous world of this typical weiner, turning it into a burst of newness. And don’t forget to choose your toppings wisely, since there are about a million of them to adorn your delicious delectables with your own personal flair. Your own private Idaho comes to life here with precisely what the stomach and taste buds ordered…all you have to do is follow your mouth! A great triumph for the area.

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