Mystery Science Theater 3000 XXVl (unreleased and unlawful)

       mst3Alright, so what’s so special about this basket of lost tales interrupted by some space junk and a guy from planet earth? How has a couple of intergalactic tuna cans made from various elements from the outer reaches of the galaxy, and a basic human defied and outlasted the laws of time and space, venturing out beyond what most people would normally tolerate? Well, I’ll tell you. These wise cracking and sophomoric commentators are the elementary and primary reason our planet hasn’t been invaded yet. This tour de force (or tour de farce) has put more than several million smiles, giggles, and laughs on all our faces at one time or another. The movie moguls of madness and mockery are once again on the menu of those midnight monster parades, shouting at the screen, secretly wondering if they will shout back. In this peanut gallery collection of B films, our extraordinary pair of junkbots and earth boy continue to converse with clamoring continuity at warped (yes, I said warped) speed with a hundred thousand retorts and remarks in their expected, sometimes flashy, sometimes crazed manner of delivery. Believe it or not, I happen to have a fond memory when I was little watching “The Mole People” on “Chiller Theater”  of my grandmother coming into the room during one of my sleepovers and seeing those bubble faced wide-eyed subterranean dwellers on the television and watching her flee from the room shouting words of fear in Italian. But not before leaving my monster movie snack. Ah…to be a child again. Anyway, enjoy these boffo B blitz films and recall a memory of your own (this one’s mine). And don’t point that death ray at anyone unless you intend to use it!

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