“Rocko’s Modern Life” (the complete series)

rocko I love this fun-filled factory of flippant fruit filled frivolous fame. I remember it being on around the time when the more vile and vicious Ren and Stimpy had hit airwaves, when animation had hilarity in its pocket. This animated anomolie caused quite the hoot fest during its four season life span. These wacked out life experiences, with the so much more than ubiquitous cast of his dim-witted circle of friends, ruining Rocko’s day-to-day attempt as a normal law-abiding citizen, complete with an Australian accent, is easily tainted by the knuckle headed bunch surrounding his existence. However, the nice little well-meaning wallaby faces a continuing spiral downfall of adventures due to the dopey maneuvers of the boneheads who run amuck without a net. And even so…friendship, loyalty, and learned social niceties create a best case scenario and win out in the end. The best place you can find freeloading loafers, dumbo size suggestions, and neurotic idiosyncratic behavior gone wild in a most entertaining animated world we call Rocko’s Modern Life. Rocko(n)!


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