“R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series” (volumes three and four) DVD

haunting 4haunting 3
       The darkness never ceases in this more than original series which continues to frighten children (as well as grownups) with twists and turns dealing with the unexpected. One may remember the “Goosebumps” stories brought to life (or death) some time ago by R. L. Stine. And the lights are still off in these shadow tales of terror, screams, and bumps in the night. The most interesting aspect of this adolescent anomalie is that the fear remains true to its presentation, not knowing precisely what lurks under the cover of night with nothing but evil as its shroud. The tactics are simple and the stories effective, never truly unleashing what lies beneath until the most inopportune time, with full frontal fear as the prime directive, complete with screaming and recurring nightmares, never-ceasing. In volume three and four, we face alongside our vulnerable victims, sinister entanglements with witches, coulraphobia with mad clowns, dreaded phone calls, beckoning darkness, and fear itself making his grand appearance. Certainly the most fun you’ll ever have while someone’s screaming…unless it’s you that’s screaming…

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