“The Hardy Boys” (season three) DVD

       hardyThe good old days were always good, and it wound up that tomorrow was worse than it seemed. Think on the seventies and the television of the day, we weren’t fooled into believing the show presented to us would be great, we thought it ourselves. These long-lost treasures now on DVD brings back those glorious hours of true fun and entertainment we could have honestly spent together with our families. Those precious old Hardy Boys stories we loved to read came to life with a couple of well liked seventies faces, Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson, joined together with some good stories, and some well versed detective tales where the bad guys were always taught a lesson. Though in this third season the boys shed their detective days for a shot with the Justice department. This dynamic detective duo travel about the world chasing killers, the mob, the KGB, and pillaging pirates just for good measure (or maybe just for the sport of it). Either way, it’s nice to see these perhaps more or less forgotten shows resurged with the vitality they had way back when in their day, now back again…


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