Howie Carr “Hitman” (the untold story of Johnny Martorano)

     hitman  In a dangerous world there are dangerous people, even when surrounded by politicians, celebrities, and watched by the F.B.I., Johnny Martorano, even though charming, struck fear in the hearts of anyone remotely involved in this shrouded underworld, as well he should, he was a hitman…through and through. In a true story entailing the truth behind a life of crime, terror, and murder, lies a killer.

       It is perilous enough to engage and involve oneself in a tumultuous exposure of such villainy at close range, but delving even deeper into the criminal abyss while dredging untold information out of a lake of death with all its inner involvements and secrets is a place where most people would never want to be is unfathomable and courageous.

       With an ever-deepening chasm of blood and lies, the business at hand is an ever-expanding series of merciless hits, street wars, and quest for power emanating into an interior culture revolving around a sphere of influence where fear, money, and control are paramount to survive.

       The battle rages on as the F.B.I. do all in their power to disassemble an ever-growing assembly of giants with guns who have mastered the craft of manipulation dressed as organized crime without a net. The brutality which hovers over this civilization has played the hand it’s been dealt, both terrifying and fascinating us as the same time. However, reality is far more ardent and treacherous than entertainment could ever be. This book will illuminate a darkened area, with great fervor, which walks among us where only the fearless may tread without mercy as their guide.

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