Glen Beck (with Harriet Parke) “Agenda 21” (an inconvenient reality)

   agenda 21    The world has become a rapidly changing place…and not for the better. Man’s interference and disregard for the God-given inalienable rights of his creation has led us down the road of perdition without conscience, second thought, or regret. The dark gray arena in which the earth has been shrouded has now taken a soulless turn. Through the eyes of a few who remember the world of times past, the green grass which once had adorned farmland, blue skies cherished by the eyes of free people, and the gentle touch of a loved one that meant more than just the duty of procreation with allegiance to “The Republic” for future enslavement for the sake of stockpiling energy, we now see all of these gifts have been exchanged for a living nightmare from which you cannot awaken.

       The story is as grey as its cover, and though a novel, we cannot turn our minds off to the idea that this tale is not one without warning. The more than darkened, abysmal, and inconvenient reality is once we’ve traded our freedom away out of fear, complacency, or the most deadliest form of retreat…silence, then we have carved our future into a grave deeper than any other ever preceded by mechanical or human hands.

       This semi-post apocalyptic book does not indicate that all is lost however, but that the humanity that remains in all of us by the spirit of the living God always leaves a light burning in the wilderness. No matter how dim it may become, it shall burn with hope as its flame.

       The first twenty or so pages leave you terrified, then it softly lulls you into being highly disturbed. As we travail ever so further into the words of the pages to follow you will learn what the heart of man is capable of…with…and without God at the helm of ones life. Yes, there is evil in the world running wild in a maddened state attempting to collectively enlist willing vessels as its precursor to the oncoming prestorm of its heavily selfish hand, but the might of good is never to be underestimated. Love disarms evil, leaving it confused in its wake, not knowing which avenue to take next. For all it knows is hurt, ruin, and to cause decimation. Good stands in its path like a monolith unshaken, unmoved, and uncontainable, like the God that stands before us as we enter into any battle no matter what form it may take. Please read carefully, making the right comparisons between the story and the political, intellectual, and spiritual interceptions in our own time as you will need to know before the interlopers of our planet attempt to unleash the full weight of their master plan making this book into an inconvenient reality.

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