Littlest Pet Shop: Little Pets, Big Adventures (DVD)

      pet shop Blythe Baxter and her dad pop into a big city apartment landing above the “Littlest Pet Shop”, an all too much fun day camp for every pet imaginable. She is quickly surprised to find that she is able to talk and understand these vacationing little newfound friends leading them all into an array of big little adventures side by side with dancing, singing, and a plate full of goofball antics.

       There are lessons and consequences to being given the gift of being allowed access to talk to the animals, as Blythe soon gets the picture in the five episodes included here in this DVD package.

       Be sure to take a look at the bonus feature, “A look behind the Pet Shop doors” for a secret glance into the world of this little girl and her little friends and what makes her little world go round.

       Kids will laugh and maybe even learn the words to some of the songs in this collection of computer animated highly polished cartoons. Keep an eye out if you suddenly see your kids having conversations with the family pet, they may know something you don’t…

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