Greg Gutfeld “The Joy of Hate” (or wide awake in America)

greg       It’s not easy to argue with an idiot. You’d think it would be, considering the advantages of a buffoon casting their pearls before swine with dumbfounded glee, while the one with knowledge and understanding of the given situation holds all of the cards (or at least most of them). And yet…the person wearing an old worn out shoe on the other proverbial foot just doesn’t seem to get the simple fact that you can’t go out into a snow storm with a gaping hole in the bottom of that shoe, relentlessly insisting that the inclement weather won’t affect them (imagining an unseen force field encompasses that foot much like the global warming scam surrounds our planet with a pending cataclysm that no one but Al Gore insists upon while lining his pockets with the results of the warm fairytale).

       This book most definitely states the obvious, and places it in its appropriate area, into the darkened trash can of idiocy. Meanwhile, the invisible remains of a collapsed star (or black hole, now apparently a politically incorrect misnomer) is yet another of Greg’s pet peeves. And rightly so. Not only does he hate parades, but I now know how much more he detests the reasons for some of these charades of pompous pontificating political pressure points (the Thanksgiving day parade is still cool).

       We should at the very least accept (or tolerate) a mad mockery parade mocking everything in sight, that way none of us would have a single thing to moan about (except that we eventually would run out of things to mock). The exposure of highly stupid superiority complexes under the guise of equality are quite cleverly brought into view in many of the chapters of this truth filled book (much to the dismay of those who disagree with truth being told). Intolerance of tolerance is the theme in this long running off-Broadway truth filled madhouse airshow on wheels, utterly devoid of double talk and intolerable idiocy of the first degree. Finally a well-meaning honest look (with random bursts refreshing fruit flavor and devilish debauchery) is unleashed to guide the lost, and deliver those on the same page to a land where hypocrisy and lies do not rule with an iron fist, or speaks out of both sides of its liberal mouth while dousing itself with self-proclaimed kingship. This collection of sharp words grants us access to visuals of the U.N. as a bad juggling act with a safety net full of holes as its security. Greg’s love and respect of Andrew Breitbart is ever so evident, as the political prophet who held a brightly burning candle in a darkened cave full of bona fide phonies, showing them as they really are, illuminating the parodies and periodicals they deemed as truth, now dashed to pieces with a single death-blow by a truthful mouth with courage in his soul. As for goodbyes, I feel the same way as Greg does. So instead, I hope to hear from him pertaining to my words to further fuel the fire of a well spoken truth laced with gold.

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