(Does) Gangnam (have) Style (?)

     gangnam  At first I was mad as a hatter without a hat at this now well circulated news of the world concerning this massive override hit. And then after simmering at a lower heat level (on a make-believe back burner in the doldrums of my mind), I began to think…Gangnam style. The Psy guy, coming out of some part of the field (they usually say left field, but I’m not well versed enough in sports to make that call…unless they’re playing chess on a field with giant size pieces), has put this Korean popster not only on the map but all over it. And then I thought (I don’t remember if I thought again or if this was part of the same thought) with all of the political criminals in office getting paid for legally scoffing money from the country with illegal intentions, then why can’t this dude make his eight million plus bucks by bringing some happy bopping around the globe with this simplistic beat and a few wild steps to the one billion Gangnamsters in the You Tube realm and elsewhere? Even the eighty-one year old former Senator Alan Simpson got in on the act attempting to bring attention to fighting the country’s debt (looks like Psy is most definitely out of debt now) with this Gangnam machine. Maybe the whole world should just go Gangnam style and dance their heads off a disco cliff instead of a fiscal one. Take a look at what’s really going on around you then decide if Psy (whose got nothing to sigh about except maybe being exhausted after busting a Gangham move) truly does have the right idea. Don’t make a money grab…just try to have fun and maybe it’ll catch on. Only one problem…isn’t he now part of the two percent? I wonder if there’ll be anything left after taxes? I guess the follow-up will be an extended version of the same old song…sounds familiar…doesn’t it?

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