The Mayan Calendar (isn’t it time to take it down?)

       How many more predictions and concoctions are going to be made readily available from an extinct tribe unable to sustain its own survival? Instead of praising the ingenuity of a lost race along with its culture, we may have to look at the possibilities and alternate basic intellect of this type of doomsday hidden arcane knowledge floating haphazardly in our universe. The Mayans did not last, or make it as an enduring timepiece as a people. They are gone. The remainder of their temple and city are but a mud pack of mortar and stone and not a legacy left behind to fulfill or dictate the future to clear minded thinking people. This is not indicative of a band of seers and soothsayers of another’s destiny when it did not benefit their own. Yes, for their time they did have a basic construct of sociological understanding of how to place an order in motion. However, we must remember that at the time of their apocalyptic time counter, the twelve month period of yearly parameters did not yet exist. Also, the night sky and its predominant proportional status at the time of the ancient of days had been relevant for its time but not supportive of future events. The Romans had been the first to create a twelve month sequential understanding of yearly time keeping and were the successors so far ahead of their time that their knowledge and ideas are still as advanced today as they were then…perhaps more. So, you see…do not take stock so easily in the ultimate destruction of the world due to misunderstood prophecies from a grand hoax interpolated by naysayers and hoodwinking misanthropic trouble seekers who actually believe in zombie invasion. Look to the future and see with your own eyes what is happening around you instead of being drawn in by gurus, prophets, and boneheads at large.

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