(Shirley Booth as) “Hazel” (the complete fourth season)

       The most amazing thing about this classic show is that no matter how many times this all-knowing, all caring, well-meaning interfering lady of the Baxter kitchen and the world at large tries to set things straight, she throws herself into a an array of wacky situations, and still comes through it with a smile for everyone involved…well…maybe not always for Mr. Baxter.

       This never-ending tower of nostalgic family fun leaves us all with a great feeling, lessons to be learned, doing the right thing, and of course all under the watchful eye of our dear housekeeper who keeps everyone in line (and bakes a mean apple pie).

       Of course Hazel does get out of the kitchen a little more than she should in this season by getting mixed up in a protest while the governor comes a calling, playing matchmaker, not minding the mind your own business rule, and an unexpected stay at the big house.

       Another slew of adventures on the loose with that one of a kind maid, Hazel.

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