“Django!” (last of the spaghetti western tough guys)

       This was a time when men were men…or at least Django. The sheer nostalgia (I love that word if you haven’t noticed yet) of this slightly campy arena of the unshaven bitter tough guy with the hand rolled cigarette, in a hostile state of mind, and just enough arrogance to make you wonder if this guy will walk on by or punch you in the mouth, will keep these unpolished gems around for a long time. This ever-present freeze frame of bad attitude and escape on horseback has created the spaghetti western world we’ve come to love…or at least recall with crystal clarity while flipping through the channels in the day.

       These two double features will hold you hostage at a time when the law was written as the unshaven man with the hand cannon deemed it to fit his given situation on the long and tumbleweed trail of the wild, wild west.

       In the death throes of these four resurrected films, Django encounters the murder of his wife by ruthless low life renegades unleashing revenge at any cost, rescuing damsels in distress, battling Mexican outlaws, and playing bounty hunter to retrieve stolen loot.

       For all of the cornball characters Django meets along the way (and the really bad ones), these timeless classics and the hero with cool blue steel temperament who evens the score his way, comes out shooting without any questions…even if he does occasionally spit.

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