Jethro Tull “Thick as a Brick” special collectors edition (40th anniversary cd and audio dvd)

       It’s all a matter of heart, struggle, and the capacity to outlast the flash in the pan utter nonsense that’s breaded, fried, and served as a gourmet dish, with outlandish intent to deceive us into believing under the guise of modern-day beliefs that everyone is a superstar. In the realm of one hit wonders, and soundalikes, appealing to the tin ear crowd, living in the past can be the place to be.

       The worldwide fame of Jethro Tull, derived from the man who invented the seed drill some five hundred years ago, and even accidentally released one of their singles under the name Jethro Toe, overcoming adversity and travelling through a series of musical changers and ideas, gives proper credence to the challenge of coming up through the ranks of time.

       Beginning as a blues rock band, even including one of the first numbers Ian Anderson ever learned to play (Serenade to a Cuckoo from the “This Was” album), then kicking it over to rock, they eventually entered the realm of  the progressive syndrome creating one of the greatest occurrences in the history of the rock idiom. Their forty-four minute epic undertaking “Thick as a Brick” creeped its way onto the billboard charts with audiences almost unprepared for a three-quarter of an hour piece of music to ravish the airwaves and concert halls with relentless intent. Following the “Aqualung” album, which placed them in the big leagues, this bold release with its whimsical lyrical content, supposedly written by an eight year old boy entering a poetry contest under false pretenses, has more instrumental passages of time involving improvisation and complex interludes of musical combat than many of the already known progressive kings of the wild frontier.

       This monolithic creation encompassed alongside its unique packaging is still a marvel to this present day. Todays rerelease includes the original remastered masterpiece, countered by its sister in the form of an amazing DVD recording in advanced technological glory. The massive book included in living color entails the story of Jethro Tull, interviews, and sidelines of all kinds.

       Throughout the many personnel changes, musical journeys, and years that have passed, the legendary and most daring attempts made by these pioneers of the industry have outlasted, outendured, and outgunned the rest…brick by brick…

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