“Emerson, Lake, and Palmer” Live in California 1974

       The tumultuous tyrannical triumvirate of the classical progressive music world has once again emerged victorious through the good tidings of the library of past recordings. This three-man circus of never-ending flawless energy is a highly combustible three-way energy field, with three separate highways linking together, formulating the depth, height, and width that is Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

       Greg Lake’s melodic overtones fill the atmosphere with the gentle cascading voice we’ve come to expect. The very same we’ve known since the days of early King Crimson years (save for the screeching mecha-zilla voice plowing through “21st Century Schizoid Man”). Keith Emerson’s multi-fingered self understood mayhem that he unleashes upon the keyboards is an overwhelming barrage of power and intricacies. Once with “The Nice”, another three-man ensemble, he carries with him the synthetic ocean of talent heard live in this recording. Carl Palmer who frighteningly has only two hands, pounds a thousand drums of percussive implosive sound along with a battery of jingling devices surrounding him. Having been a driving force behind “The Atomic Rooster”, he is the backbone of the band.

       Keith’s piano improvisations are always a surprise. Forever varying, never repeating. An abridged version of “Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition” triumphantly releases a concert rendition worthy of the original. An amazing night notably remembered and preserved for our listening pleasure and nostalgic memories.

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