“Mystery Science Theater 3000” XXV (it’s out there…)

       This futuristic fanfare of fine line tom foolery has unleashed almost as many one liners as Rodney Dangerfield, half as many politically incorrect jabs as Greg Gutfeld (keep it up), and has absolutely brought these B (sometimes C) movies back to life, better than an iron lung, in a continuous cacophony of contentious commentary. Neither human nor talking interstellar space junk is ever at a loss for words in this follow the bouncing ball movie fest with flapping jaws as its primary art form. Navigating through time and space with a human and a couple of circuit boards (probably made in China) with a comedic attitude helps us to endure some of the zaniest ideas ever presented to the big screen. Our sole responsibility lies with switching on our laugh machines and gaffawing our fool heads off, keeping company with our intergalactic friends at warp speed, which makes the chosen screenplays all the more bearable. More fun than a phone booth full of twenty-five robots. Check out “Revenge of the Creature” and make a little extra popcorn. When searching for interplanetary madness without a road map, this is the place. Welcome to the monkey house…

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