Attack of the Fifty Foot Thought (revenge of the mind)

       How does the human mind calculate a hidden premise that seems foreign to itself? Well, let’s take a look at the animal kingdom for a second. Much like that of the people who think they rule themselves (a frightening thought in its own rite), the wild world these creatures interact within has set parameters which are very rarely defied. They stay in their own neighborhoods, reach out to others only when its necessary (or another’s expertise is required), some even tolerate another creatures presence knowing on both ends one could ever so easily devour or overtake the other with even less than a thought. However, man’s planet is viewed on a tilted axis in comparison. The cunning used by animals is built for survival, not conivory and deception through a parody of lies and false promises. Even though the animals end which justifies the means often ends in brutality, it is honest and the only way for its survival. Man instead has the option of casting out the line which will entangle another in a web that can compromise the future, position, and or bring an untimely or discomforting end to their existence in so many ways to ultimately benefit the one who has laid out the minefield that has awaited him.

       This is a planned and executed thought pattern that has taken the word revenge to ever greater heights and soared so far above evil that evil itself may have to look up and be proud. Is this the way of all flesh? Well, take a closer look. There is good in this fallen world, but we must strive for it. Then again, the opposition to it from another dark corner that may not share in this altruistic outlook gathers crowds of sheep only to lead them to their unknowing slaughter.

       How does one overcompensate for such an action? Persevering in this heart over mind struggle has been a question for the ages and for the battle of the human heart that is lost without God in the arena. Psychological standpoints have altered the playing field as well as have indicated that the creation of such thoughts are not only self-imposed but self-created to deal with negative areas of our lives. The simple truth is no good can come from good itself but only with truth as its predecessor. The mind may be complex, but the heart is a simple place. It is our interwoven thoughts that cloud and shroud what we know to be inside that becomes the master reaper that whispers it to ourselves. The thought may become fifty feet tall in our heads, but it is after all merely…the revenge of the mind in a battle for the purchase of the heart.

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