All in the Family (the complete series)

     Image  This would be the part where I would say what a milestone of a show this has been, and the major impact it had on our society at large. The simple fact is that it was beyond entertaining, although it certainly was that, it projected the precise foresight Norman Lear dealt with as an open court to the world. We simply must laugh at ourselves. There have always been boundaries and the bounders who have made them, but if we could only step over these rabble rousers (who are really only out for their own agenda and gain) and see that we are different and applaud those differences as various spices and flavors, we could sample a little of everything and merely be content with their availability.

       The obvious ignorance of our very own Archie Bunker sets parameters on a stage in life that unfortunately are far less than accurate. Instead of a one way highway with thoughts of twisted bible verses and ancestoreal anecdotes, they do come back to haunt him. In a similar fashion, George Jefferson, armed with the same suitcase full of preconceived prejudice gets his share of bashing for being on the boneheaded barge as his compadre, Archie.

       The families involved don’t share in this narrow minded notion and the clashing gnashing of teeth create more than a decades span of laughter and crying. Through these tears and hilarity we have seen certain moments between Mike and Archie that spell out what their hearts truly harbored for each other, as well as tender times that bring the circle about in such an open ended television series, never phony, but always dealing with the issues at hand.

       Norman Lear’s vision stands, and stands some more in a comedic myopic fifty car pileup with tears and peals of laughter that stills commands the never ending truth that the human race is ridiculous and ridiculously funny. We merely must remember it.

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