Peter Gunn (the complete series)

       Heroes are made not born…much like killers. Many are anti-heroes, tossed into the ever-present throes of a life of danger, yet, maintain their cool while lighting the explosive they are about to chuck into their directed target with the very same cigarette they take one last drag from, and have the temerity to exhale before dashing away. These are the guys we want handling spies, terrorists, and super criminals while we conduct our everyday lives, oblivious to the undercover warfare they wage.

       And Peter Gunn is no exception…or perhaps he is the exception to the rule of this secret world poised and embroiled with high-tech weaponry and mad assailants threatening our existence. In this total and ever so complete set of suave and colorful episodes of the good-looking detective with quite the taste for luxury, Peter Gunn is a living legend with a an open chamber in his heart for women, but a hardened eye for those who attempt to elude from the truth.

       Craig Stevens is brilliant in his role, always giving his full attention to his cases, with a firm grand as his fee, and a line out the door awaiting his services. Not only a classic, but one of the best television shows of its kind.

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