R.E.M. Document (25th anniversary edition)

       As time goes by, our over inflated memory banks store far more than we need to. However, for the more memorable events and big bite size memorabilia that has more than crossed our paths, we celebrate them remembering better times, better music, and certain talents that have not faded from our view. This Pandora’s box set consisting of the original R.E.M. album Document has more than stirred us lyrically and musically. It tossed together times of turbulence with a dynamic flair not easily forgotten. Included within this tiny box of thoughts and impending musical warnings is a live recording, previously unreleased from a concert in Holland. The celebration continues with an expanded booklet “documenting” the path of totality. The music is tauntingly familiar as the ghosts of its time move alongside its semi-monolithic stature resulting in R.E.M. not reliving a time but expanding on it with time itself as a witness.

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