The Beatles 1 Deluxe Edition (sound and Vision)

beatle 1   This ultimate edition of the Beatles number one hits envelopes all circles of media in its fullest sense. In a day when videos had not yet entered our realm of entertainment, these boys have a giant closet full of footage to boot out for our viewing delight. The fab four on this celebrated collection of hits spanning an incredible career of music has brought them all together in a package to satisfy even the most discriminating Beatle fan. The CD is crisp and clear along with an obvious recorded mastery. The super part is the amazing bits of live footage, promos, early films, and imaginative handy work at the hands of some creative artists renditions of Beatle perception (see “Come Together”). The grandmaster disc also includes some spoken tid bits from Ringo and Paul. The rarity alone is worth the price of admission. Get your hands on one of these and recall those days when our mop top boys ruled the airwaves.

The Collins Center for the Arts Presents from The Met Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Trovatore

il trovatore  As the season continues, the Collins Center for the perpetuates its full docket of talent in Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Trovatore. This tale of unending sadness begins with true love at the helm of our story, but quickly dissipates itself from a happy ending as our heroine chooses to sacrifice herself for the love of her enigmatic gypsy whose  more than questionable past has followed him like a gray ghost and hindered his life. A heavy aura of drama ensues our heroine Leonora as she longs for Manrico, her itinerant wanderer without purchase. This troubadour of darkness leads them both down a most troubled path as they deal with the penalties of love. See Anna Netrebko and Yonghoon Lee dramatize an ill fated story written by the master Giuseppe Verdi at the Collins Center for the Arts.

The Collins Center for the Arts Opera Season 2015

otello Saturday October 16th 2015 marked the opening of the opera season at the Collins Center for the Arts. And what better way to pave the golden road than with Otello, a beautiful, yet appalling story of love, jealousy, and of course…murder. These classic adventures are only the beginning of the operatic showmanship awaiting us. Saturday October 31st features Tannhauser, Wagner’s early masterpiece surrounding the story of a young knight who struggles with his heart as true love is challenged by passion dividing his heart in half with a discord only an opera can provide. These wondrous dates to come provide us with a looking glass into the world of the gallant art of the opera as never before. Join us as we venture into a cosmos of pomp. tragedy, and a little bit of death. See you there.

Treworgy Family Orchards (a Maine family farm)

RSCN0248     When a merchant marine returned home after a three month stint at sea to find his child not knowing who he was, Mr. Treworgy came to the realization that this was not the life he wanted for his family. Abandoning his life at sea, he acquired a sizable piece of land and tried his hand at farming. After much toil and sweat the land gave no purchase and disappointment set in. A passage of time and dozens of odd jobs later, he attempted to sell the land, but there were no takers. Forced to keep this albatross he decided to give farming another go. This time success was in his favor. The land yielded much fruit and thus began what we know today as Treworgy Family Orchards.

RSCN0249FSCN0200_01RSCN0254    You will find a wonderful spot to pick your own apples and pumpkins with your family. The horse drawn carriage rides offer a host of history and information as you peruse the territory. Alongside the corn maze (don’t get lost now) whose floor plan changes every year (this year it is in the form of elephants) gives you time to enjoy a little walk on the farm side. If you feel a chill you can warm up with a cup of hot cider and visit the gift shop as well. This is truly a world of fun as the staff is super friendly and will help you find whatever you’d like. See the petting area and feed the happy goats as they attempt to eat everything in sight (even your sleeve). The landscape is held in a most beautiful setting and the family’s hard work and dedication is ever evident as it is we who reap the harvest a well as the farm. It is a classic well kept place and whose tractor and fresh cider awaits your visit.


Caricatures by PJ (Paula j. Carter)

FSCN1071  Strolling around the American Folk Festival in downtown Bangor this year seemed a bit disappointing as my wife and I noticed the festival’s vendors slowly dwindling over time. What the reason is is not of any consequence, although there are rumors and speculations. In our walkabout we saw some familiar things, some new, but the most refreshing of the lot was a pleasant faced woman drawing caricatures of the general public at large (even the public at small, what ever that means). FSCN1078She scribbled, smeared, and colored with passion and a smile (something that should not be taken for granted these days). When we inquired about a sitting she doodled, diddled, and dandled until after a series of strokes gave birth to a slightly comical, most endearing, and capturing image that was soon to be a milestone to us. PJ gave us more than a caricature, she gifted our relationship with yet another aspect of ourselves. If you are looking for another side of yourself, find out where she will be next time and see her in action. Her caricatures are a fantasy, but not her smile…that’s for real.FSCN1079

Paula J. Carter Belfast Maine (207)-338-2561

Life is Short (no pun intended) Jennifer Arnold MD, And Bill Klein (the little couple)

little couple With so much enthusiasm at work here, it’s difficult to believe and accept so much turmoil at the same time. This couple is not only cute, but funny, successful, hopeful, and faces life’s “shortcomings” with a positive attitude. The show as well as the book entertain us, grant us access to the inner lives of this family, and let us in on the side bars that are so humorous if you pay attention, but hold our hearts within our hands as we tread carefully over the disappointments, near tragedies, and difficulties this family unit endures. On the lighter side Bill should consider standup comedy as a side thing. His good natured anecdotes and funny comments tosses comic relief in and all around (it isn’t all bad you know). Read about them and learn more about their many sides in this short story (no pun intended)…(well…maybe).

Ringo: With a little Help: Michael Seth Starr

ringoA most revealing revelation about the man with the biggest personality out of the fab four. This collection of recollections, reflections, and memories, some fond and some not so fond are the result of a lifetime achievement of a magnanimous career in just about every aspect of the entertainment business. Having hand a hand (most times both) in films, music, as well as a lifeline rescue of some of the once biggest names in the industry, our star Beatle is a hero. His battles with substance abuse during the breakup and after the Beatle’s proved a strenuous time. However, it is the defeat of the demon that causes one to prevail and he certainly has risen to that place. A friendly face with some daunting times fully captured in his own story is buried within these pages waiting for you to uncover. With a little help…