The Collins Center for the Arts Presents from the Met Georges Bizet’s Les Pecheurs de Perles

les pecheurs   As two men vow an eternal friendship, their solemn oath is threatened by the love for the same woman, Leila. She is faced with usurping her sacred promise as a priestess through a dilemma in which she must choose between secular love and breaking her pious consecration. The pearl divers who compete for her affections and marriage become involved in a wildly oceanic world in which unbridled passion, longing, and ultimately vengeance leads to betrayal intertwining romance with hatred. Come see as our story unfolds itself casting pearls before swine at the Collins Center for the Arts on Saturday January 16th at 1 P.M.

Danny Harper: It’s Who I Am (unconditional honesty no matter what)

danny harper     I waited to feature this amazing album until now so that it would ring fresh for the rest of the coming year. It has certainly been a long time in any genre where truth and honesty in words and music has taken a front seat before the glitz, glam, and gunk which has been filling up the airwaves for far too long has been ousted. A most refreshing collection of country music the way it ought to be has arrived in the form of one Danny Harper. Having seen him in concert has only strengthened this sentiment. His open hearted commentary about his life, his experiences (good or bad), and definite appreciation of our country and all that once made it great is exemplified deep within the doldrums of his songs. Whether they rock you, lull you. or bring you a smile, this man has captured the essence that makes us truly fulfilled, the love of God, true patriotism, and good old fashioned country music unadulterated by commercialism. The title speaks for itself, as does the man.

The Collins Center for the Arts Presents Mozart’s, The Magic Flute from the Met

download   A tale to be told throughout the ages to children and adults alike will fill the immense screen at the Collins Center for the Arts on Saturday, January 9th at 1 P.M. This story is enchanting, humorous, and even ostentatious at times. It’s whimsical puppetry and elaborate costumes color the world with its magical childlike innocence in which Prince Tamino must undergo a series of tests in order to marry the Princess Pamina. He is led down a broken path in which he must search unrelentingly for the power of wisdom and reason. An overwhelming solemn atmosphere shrouds Mozart’s fable, though some twinges of comic relief arrives in time to save some tears from falling. Truth is sought at any cost in this allegorical myth. Come and help Tamino solve this question at the Collins Center, after all, anything can happen with the word magic in it.

A Heartwarming Afternoon with Danu at the Collins Center for the Arts

danu   An afternoon of splendor and music extravaganza filled the Collins Center on Sunday afternoon. It had been a time of peace, joy, and Irish tradition in the truest sense, not to mention a few comical anecdotes pertaining to the sometimes dreaded family gatherings and the expected shenanigans that go along with the challenging territory. Their talent is beyond evident, surrounded by honest words and personal stories interpolating towns from whence they came and the characters that dwell in them. It is within those circles that townsfolk radiate the inspiration for the long standing tales portrayed in the songs that have been told for centuries. Hand clapping and foot stomping followed many of Danu’s numbers as audience participation rambles its way about the arena. This action from the start had been an involuntary reflex keeping up with the speed and agility of their Irish tunes. The range of the songs stemmed from flamboyant lightening to the caressing of the heart and its many strings. A true contrast blended ever so divinely. The ancient pieces forever hold their richness and their originals are indeed astounding in their sound. All of the vocals flowed with precision and perused their way over the many melodic instruments. A profound moment in time overflowing with dancing from the most gifted of dancers and tales of folklore ever to be told.

The Nutcracker Live at the Collins Center for the Arts (it’s beginning to look a lot like Tchaikovsky)

nutcracker  Every year Christmas gives us a little bit more hustle and bustle, mostly created by ourselves. And in the midst of that tumultuous season’s rush there is a place of solace we can retreat to. The quiet magic that fills the atmosphere with a child’s delight, no matter how old that child may be. It is time for that timeless tale to be told yet again as composed by the ever great Tchaikovsky and performed for us as presented by The Collins center for the Arts. The grand little eccentric toymaker casts life into his childlike creation and battles the mouse king as good yet again battles evil. A marvelous display of dance and visual candy floats gingerly across the stage granting us entry into one of the most beloved stories known for the season. Come experience it for yourself at The Collins center for the Arts December 19th at 2p.m. and 7p.m. and December 20th at 3 p.m. watch the charming spellbinding saga come to life before your very eyes.

Danu: A Christmas Gathering Live at the Collins Center for the Arts

14Danu_web-700x250 In the interest of tradition Christmas has always been a time of a gathering of friends and family. On Sunday December 13th, at three p. m. that tradition will be fully recognized with a most creative ensemble of talent and abilities encompassing the very nature of the Celtic realm hailing directly from the land of verdant fields. An array of low whistles, fiddle, Irish percussion, accordion (also known as a squeezebox in some circles), and of course a host of string instruments donning the ancient sounds of a truly green spectacle filling our souls with the glory and energy we’ve all come to expect from the lively and touching Irish tones that will be delivered to us by Danu in a most enthralling Christmas event. Come one and all to a special Christmas gathering in a full and mighty tradition.


The Beatles 1 Deluxe Edition (sound and Vision)

beatle 1   This ultimate edition of the Beatles number one hits envelopes all circles of media in its fullest sense. In a day when videos had not yet entered our realm of entertainment, these boys have a giant closet full of footage to boot out for our viewing delight. The fab four on this celebrated collection of hits spanning an incredible career of music has brought them all together in a package to satisfy even the most discriminating Beatle fan. The CD is crisp and clear along with an obvious recorded mastery. The super part is the amazing bits of live footage, promos, early films, and imaginative handy work at the hands of some creative artists renditions of Beatle perception (see “Come Together”). The grandmaster disc also includes some spoken tid bits from Ringo and Paul. The rarity alone is worth the price of admission. Get your hands on one of these and recall those days when our mop top boys ruled the airwaves.