Newhart (the complete fourth season)

newhart     Never have the four seasons been peppered throughout the year with such a clutter of comedic kerfuffle. How do you place a candle before or after a show that can belly laugh its way into your living room for so many years and still create an open door barrage of buffoonery and peanut brittle (that just sounded crazy enough to include). The master of subtle mild mannered nuance, Bob Newhart is unfortunately the perpetual victim of surrounding incompetence. The idiosyncratic behavior of a straight talking business wannabe, a self proclaimed princess of self, a knothead of nottingham handyman, and the three modern day stooges of the brothers three, along with a wife who observes it all with a crooked smile, is the place setting for this low key madness that comes around but once in a lifetime with an unlikely flair and pie in the face humor as its borderline. Laugh or cry, but a thousand guffaws a minute is still the same old recipe not in need of repair.

Joanie Tilton/Well Water (my first love)

scan    The days of praise are ever present with songs such as these. The old time religion and down home songs are the pioneers and predecessors of all Christian music. They were the architects of style in which so many others have sprouted from. In this case, this album holds the many splendored melodies that have shaped our christian heritage. These songs are true, well sung, and heart felt. Joanie’s sincerity pours its way through the recording capturing the essence of what it means to give your life to Jesus. The story of the woman at the well is personified in “Well Water”, giving the wonder of what had taken place into song and emotion. The soothing and calmness of the instrumental passages compliment the vocals and returns the favor. A most endearing album for gentle praise and seeking out our Lord.

Jethro Tull/A Passion Play (an extended performance)

passion      After a forty-year span of time, this wonderfully intricate quasi-progressive masterpiece has resurfaced itself for our listening pleasure with its most interesting counterparts at its side. This was not only a massive challenge for the band, even at times disliking its intricacies at a live performance, but it still leaves fellow Tullians with an appreciation for the recording. Embarking on yet another extended forty-five minute epic piece of music, Jethro Tull places the bits of what once were individual songs and recreates them into one. Nevertheless, not losing the originals. The “Nightcap” album holds these semi-flawed, semi-wondrous melodies of what once was.

This was…

After enduring a disastrous visit to a third-rate recording studio and feeling the full weight of its lowly atmosphere, the remnants gave birth to “A Passion Play”. Living through a more than unacceptable response from critics, Jethro Tull had become dismayed. Of course, their audience profusely disagreed, sending “A Passion Play” high on the charts in America (lower in the motherland), indicating that it was the critics that were a disappointment and not the band.

There had been a massive overload of loops and overdubs on the album making it difficult to reproduce in a live arena as you will find each of the band mates express in the colorful and in-depth information gathered in the astonishing book that completes the package of this fortieth anniversary edition. There you find the original “A Passion Play” recording as well as the new mix with a few more lines for good measure, as well as the original music prior to the birth of the Passion. The recordings are dynamic and for those of you who have seen this album performed live as I did, it will be a treat to the senses (it wasn’t easy convincing my parents to let me attend a concert at such a young age, but worth the results).

The grandness continues with a pair of DVD’s encompassing additional music as well as the live version of “The Story of the Hare Who Lost His Spectacles”, and the original intro and outro footage of the Passion’s ballerina.

This is more than a collectible, it’s a nostalgic memory for those who have a passion to play it…

The Soul Man (the complete first season)

soul man    How does a chart topping singer relieve himself of his former life as an entertainer with a voice of gold, and settle into a Godly life preaching at his fathers church? Well, you’ll see… One must follow his heart, or in this case his soul. Always trying to do right, the temptations of an old world tend to pull at you causing you inner conflict. And with a man of God as a father watching your every move, its best to stay on the straight and narrow path. His heart is right, his mouth is another story. He seemingly always finds himself blessed with the opportunity to sing a song…just not the right ones. Cedric “The Entertainer” and his family try to adjust to this soul mans new life as a soul saver with hilarious results. Soul to soul, one soul at a time…

Adam Woodrow/Auto Paint Technician

tacoma     In our ever-changing world, sometimes, more often than not, we find we are immersed in need of certain services. Whether it be a mechanic, painter, lawn care, or dare I say a contractor, the decision to find the right one can be a costly one. Unreturned calls, unfinished work, or work just not done properly encompass risks and aggravation. However, when the day comes that you meet one of the good guys, then you have been blessed and must let others know about them. I have encountered one myself. Adam Woodrow works wonders with his hands and tools to the point that his care and expertise becomes obvious. He can handle just about any job on your car, touching up scratches, paint work, and general disturbances upon the car body. He answers your questions honestly and he takes his time to do it right. He will work his techniques for you.

call (207)-944-7655

Druckfarben/Second Sound (the power of progression)

druckfarben    There are moments in time that cannot be recaptured. There are also times when moments can be born again by the spirit in which a form of art was intended to spring forth. Druckfarben has entered the realm with those qualifications. This quality recording is an absolute sharpened dagger cutting deeply into the grooves of either a very new sound or with remnants of an old one, or a new one leaning towards the variations of Yes like progressions, eventually meeting up with the likes of pop culture, with a twinge of heavy metal slicing guitar work (sometimes tipping the scales with a Zappaesque style). Fresh distinguishable guitar leads behold the mastery at the peak of its epicenter with massive self-appointed flavoring seasoned throughout. Second sound provides a third and a fourth sound as well with a well pursued melodic side. And in the midst of it all they’ve made this album all their own. You’ll have to get used to the name of the band of course, but alas even Shakespeare said what’s in a name?

Not Cool/Greg Gutfeld (a young readers guide to the ever sinking ship of fools)

gutfeld       In a world where shame is meaningless and idiocy not only runs a muck but seems to reign supreme, it’s a good thing we have books like this to simplify and simply say who the buffoons really are. This raging sea we call society has disappointed more of us than buying a weekly lotto ticket. We may have to live with them, but we don’t have to be like them. The political arena is now the ultimate stand up comedy central attraction in the known universe (well, at least our general atmosphere, we wouldn’t want to exaggerate) and getting worse all the time. When the intentional decimation of the United States is the plan du jour, and the cowardly so-called leaders are the ones pushing the buttons, then all you have is a very illiterate puppet show on wheels. Glen Beck said this would happen years before anyone else even caught on. Does that size it up? No, there’s more…so much more. Who cares if your tee-shirt has some idiots name or logo on it? Does that justify the additional eighty dollar asking price just to satisfy that boneheaded crowd you’ve gotten yourself swept up in? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t. If you genuinely like it, then I shouldn’t stop you from it, but if it’s a mere matter of uniformity then toss that decrepit idea to the dusty road and run. Don’t let others dictate to you what you should and shouldn’t have, what you should think, or what you should believe. They’ve made a total, complete, and uncompromised mockery of our country, our God, and our minds. Who are they? They are the self-righteous loser goon squad who follow like a lost herd of sheep without a net or a shepherd. You have become entangled in a sticky web of lies and rationale. It’s time to stand and deliver the master stroke of thinking for one’s self, an almost completely lost art. Greg rummages through your mental closet and reboots your matrix into a self-awareness that frees the enslaved. There is a war going on…we are in it, and it’s not cool.